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To BYOB, or Not to BYOB

BYOB or BYO is an initialism meant to stand for “bring your own bottle”, “bring your own beer”, “bring your own beverage”, or “bring your own booze.”

BYOB is often placed on an invitation to indicate that the host will not be providing alcohol and that guests are welcome to bring their own. Some business establishments allow patrons to bring their own bottle, sometimes subject to fees or membership conditions, or because the establishment itself does not have license to sell alcohol.   More…



Ever Wonder About BYOB Etiquette?

Plan ahead. Check with the restaurant about BYOB policies and corkage fees. Corkage fees. They’re typically $2-$5 per person, or $10-$25 a bottle. Corkage fees go to the house, so remember to tip your server for bottle service.

What to bring.  Some high-end restaurants with a liquor license offer a BYOB night. If you partake, bring a special bottle and be sure it’s not already on the wine list.

Open containers. In conjunction with a meal, a resealed, unfinished portion of a bottle can be taken home. With spirits, try to use a flask. Always bring a tote or bottle carrier for beer and wine, along with an appropriate reusable cap.

Designate a driver. Never drink and drive.