Outrageous Corkage Fees ($1400?): Your Turn…

Ramsay de Give For The Wall Street Journal

By Lettie Teague

One reader who wrote to express enjoyment on reading my recent conversation with violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman, and asked if I could share the name of the restaurant that dared to charge Mr. Perlman a $1,400 corkage fee.

“What New York restaurant was dumb enough to charge Mr. Perlman that much?” Flora wrote.

I told Flora I was pledged to secrecy, but she shared her most outrageous corkage experience with me anyway.

Here’s Flora’s story:

“That story reminded me that we won’t return to a certain restaurant here in San Diego because we were charged different corkage fees for two different bottles on the same occasion. A lower fee for a not-so-expensive wine and a higher fee for a Lafite Rothschild! We knew the owner very well who opened the bottle and even gave him a glass, but we’ve never gotten over the higher charge. Our son who tells us to get over it, but we can’t. I would love to know if Mr. Perlman “got over it”?

Alas, I failed to ask Mr. Perlman that question. And I’ve certainly never heard of a corkage fee varying according to the value of the bottle.

Has anyone else had a corkage experience they’ve yet to “get over”?

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Source:  http://blogs.wsj.com/wine/2011/05/02/outrageous-corkage-fees-your-turn/